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Baden Powell de Aquino (1937 – 2000) was one of the greatest Brazilian guitarists. He explored the
instrument to its utmost limits, playing it in a distinctive, unique manner, incorporating virtuoso
classical techniques together with popular harmony and swing.
In 1962, Powell met the poet-diplomat Vinicius de Moraes and began a collaboration that yielded
classics of 1960s Brazilian music. Although bossa nova was the prevailing sound at the time, Baden
and Vinicius wanted to combine samba with Afro-Brazilian forms such as candomblé, umbanda, and
capoeira. In 1966 they released Os Afro-Sambas de Baden e Vinicius.
In the mid-1960s Vinícius was fascinated by an LP of samba de roda songs with candomblé influences
from Bahia. Baden Powell had also gone to Bahia and heard the songs of the Bahian candomblé.
From this mutual enchantment with samba and religiosity found in Bahia, the Afro-sambas project
emerged. From the eight songs released, especially Consolacao has a rich and unique musicality: a
mix of candomblé and umbanda instruments (like atabaques and afoxés) with timbres common to
Brazilian music (agogôs, saxophones and tambourines), which emerges in the introduction part of
the arrangement by Walter Abt as pure effects on guitar.

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