jazz ROUTE 66 guitar solo PDF

The composition was written in 1946 by American musician Bobby Troup. The idea came about
when he was driving with his first wife, Cynthia, to Los Angeles from Pennsylvania. Traup
went to California to try his luck as a Hollywood songwriter.
The couple got into a 1941 Buick and drove onto Highway 40. It was this highway that Bobby
wanted to dedicate the future composition to, but then Cynthia prompted him to switch to
Highway 66.
Troup recalled that the song’s melody and the phrase “get your kicks on Route 66” were born
very quickly, but the rest of the lyrics had to suffer pretty much. Bobby composed them
throughout the ten days of the trip, mentioning most of the cities they stopped in.
Route 66 Song Artists: Lou Rawles, Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Perry Como, Manhattan Transfer, Depeche mode, Four Freshmen, a. o.
Route 66 was first recorded by Nat King Cole. His record, published in 1946, hit the Billboard
and became a major hit. The arrangement of Walter Abt offers a version for voice/ guitar,
and a further one for solo guitar, also in TAB.

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