Entre dos Aguas - harmonized melody

ENTRE DOS AGUAS is considered a masterpiece of flamenco and is the most popular and
well-known work by Paco de Lucia, both nationally and internationally. However, it was not
a written composition, but an improvisation that Paco was asked by producer José
at the time of recording, as he felt the album was incomplete. Apparently Paco
used other references to improvise the song, such as the Las Grecas song Te estoy amando
and the Los Marismeños song he co-wrote Caramba, carambita, the latter showing
a clearer resemblance.
This rumba has the formal character of a theme with variations (falsetas in this case). The
arrangement by Walter Abt underlies the original solo part with rhythmic chord sequences
and functional basses that fill it out. Thus, this version emancipates itself from the original
single line of Paco, which requires a second rhythm guitar. However, this can also play
rhythmically with this solo version at any time, as the rumba pattern in bars 5-12 explains in
detail. The chord symbols presented in full also lead an optional rhythm guitar as well as the
participation of a bass throughout the piece. Only exceptional talents like the greatest guitar
virtuoso of the century Paco de Lucia are able to eloquently play the complex monstrous
scales in the fast second part, especially in bars 125, 133, 249-275, using technical crossfire.
This arrangement offers alternative, player-friendly various variants, and includes helpful
fingerings for the left and especially for the right hand. Two identical editions have been
written - one in musical notation with fingerings and chord symbols, and one in guitar
tablature with note values, fingerings and chord symbols. This arranged version is also
available as mp3 for solo guitar and bongos performed by Walter Abt and Pabhupada
You can select two different versions:
- score for solo guitar with fingering
- tab with fingering

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