Danza ritual del fuego De Falla /Abt, Score

As a premiere to the European Festival of Gypsy Music -djangoO- Walter Abt and his musicians from Sol y Sombra presented one of the outstanding works by Manuel de Falla Danza ritual del Fuego from his ballet EL AMOR BRUJO. Tailor-made for the group instrumentation, Walter Abt rearranged the piece: in the basic pulse of the flamenco rumba, and equally inspired by the unique innovator of flamenco - Paco de Lucía - de Falla's music sounds timeless and atmospherically charged with the rhythmic energy of Andalusia, where Abt settled for many years of study. The groove of the piece runs in a flamenco rumba. Both guitars are tuned down to D on the 6th string, which gives enough bass even in a pure duo version of 2 guitars.



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